traffic & parking regulations

traffic & parking regulations


Traffic and Parking Regulations

These regulations and procedures are adopted by the Vincennes University Board of Trustees pursuant to the authority granted to it by the State of Indiana. All regulations and procedures are equally applicable to the Vincennes University employees and students unless otherwise provided.

Any employee or student who brings a vehicle to campus will be held responsible for obtaining a valid parking permit and for the proper operation of their vehicle. It is the responsibility of each member of the University community to read, understand and abide by the regulations. Ignorance of the regulations is not an acceptable reason for appeal of a violation.

Vincennes University Police Officers or specially designated personnel will issue parking citations for parking and registration violations in accordance with these regulations.

The following regulations shall govern the driving and parking of motor vehicles on the Vincennes University campus at all times of the year unless specifically excepted.

Traffic and Parking - General Regulations

  1. All employees and students of Vincennes University must obtain and properly display a current Vincennes University parking permit in order to legally park on Vincennes University property. Permits may be purchased online at or at the office of the Vincennes University Police Department.
  2. Vehicles are restricted to parking in their assigned lots from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. There are no lot restrictions for vehicles with permits between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., and during weekends. EXCEPTION - specially marked spaces.
  3. Each employee or student of Vincennes University must obtain one parking permit per vehicle. All parking permits are issued by the Vincennes University Police Department. Permits are issued for the school year and expire on the 15th of August each year.
  4. The transferable parking permit must be properly displayed by affixing the permit inside the lower left hand side of driver side windshield. EXCEPTION: Motorcycles should consult with the Campus Police Department. A vehicle not properly displaying a parking permit while parked on University property will be ticketed and may be booted and/or towed at the owner's expense.
  5. If a parking permit is lost or stolen, it becomes the responsibility of the employee or student to file a lost or stolen report with the Campus Police immediately. A fee of $30.00 will be assessed for a replacement permit.
  6. RESIDENTS PERMITS - Any vehicle properly displaying a current red permit must park only in the lots designated for RED PERMITS, ALL PERMITS or on the street. A fee of $30.00 will be assessed for a red permit.
  7. COMMUTERS PERMITS - Any vehicle properly displaying a current green permit must park only in the lots designated for GREEN PERMITS, ALL PERMITS or on the street. A fee of $30.00 will be assessed for a green permit.
  8. FACULTY/STAFF PERMITS - Any vehicle properly displaying a current blue permit may park in any lot or on the street. NOTE: Blue permits are to be used by VU employees ONLY. Sons and daughters of employees must obtain a GREEN PERMIT and park in the lot assigned to that permit.
  9. TEMPORARY PERMITS - A temporary permit may be issued by the Vincennes University Police Department: it shall be valid only for a specified time. A fee of $5.00 will be assessed for a temporary permit not exceeding five (5) days.
  10. HANDICAP PERMIT - A handicap permit allowing special parking arrangements may be issued by the Vincennes University Police Department to one who is temporarily or permanently handicapped. Prior authorization must be obtained. The handicap permit must be displayed in addition to the regular permit. Parking a motor vehicle which does not display a handicap permit in an area reserved for the handicap is prohibited and will be towed at the owner's expense.
  11. VISITOR PERMITS - Visitors who wish to park on campus must obtain a visitors permit at the Vincennes University Police Department and park in accordance with the instructions on the permit card. The word "visitor," as used in these regulations, does not include Vincennes University employees or students.
  12. All Citations issued to a permit will be that permit holder's responsibility regardless of which vehicle the permit is on at the time of the violation unless a lost or stolen report had been completed at the Vincennes University Police Department.
  13. The driver of a motor vehicle is responsible for finding a legal parking space. Lack of space is not a valid reason for the violation of regulations. A parking permit does not guarantee the holder a parking space, but only the opportunity to park within an assigned area.
  14. Parking permits must be displayed according to the parking regulations or special instructions provided by the Campus Police at the time of issuance. Always lock your vehicle and remove any valuables!
  15. Legal parking of motor vehicles on University property is confined to areas designated for that purpose. Parking is prohibited on lawns, brick walkways, in construction areas, or any other place which will mark the landscape of the campus, create a hazard or interfere with the use of University facilities by others. Violators are subject to citation, booting and/or vehicles may be towed.
  16. Yellow markings are designated as "no parking zones". Parking is not allowed at any loading or service vehicle dock or zone, entrance to buildings, crosswalks or emergency zone. GREEN striping in the lots designate commuter parking, RED striping in the lots designate residence hall parking, BLUE striping in the lots designate faculty and staff parking. NOTE:  NOT ALL PARKING SPACES ARE STRIPED TO INDICATE WHO CAN PARK THERE, HOWEVER, ALL PARKING LOTS HAVE SIGNAGE AT THE ENTRANCES TO THE LOTS INDICATING PERMIT REQUIREMENTS.
  17. Motor bikes, motorcycles, and motor scooters are subject to all regulations and must be operated only on streets designated for normal automobile use.
  18. Bicycles may be registered with the Campus Police. If this is not done, it is recommended that you record the make, model, color and serial number of the bicycle and keep this information in a safe place.
  19. Certain areas may be closed to parking during specified hours by the University Police Department. Parking in such areas during these hours is prohibited.
  20. Any accident involving a motor vehicle on University property must be reported to the Campus Police immediately at 812-888-5555.
  21. When parking on city streets all vehicles are subject to city and state parking laws which may be enforced by any local law enforcement officer.
  22. TOWING.  Vehicles are subject to being towed away at the operator's expense under any of the following conditions:
    • Any vehicle in violation of parking regulations or any which are apparently abandoned may be towed and stored at the owner's expense. 
    • Parking in a handicap space without a handicap permit.
    • Disabled or abandoned for three days or more, and who have not responded to a request by Campus Police to move the vehicle.
    • Parking out of area assigned for permit.
    • Obstructing vehicular or pedestrian traffic handicapped spaces or wheelchair ramps, interfering with University operational activities, or creating a hazard to persons or equipment.
    • Failure to respond to "report to campus police immediately" notice
    • Vehicle bearing a permit which has been altered, stolen or a fraudulent permit.
    • The owner or operator of a vehicle which has been towed under these regulations will be required to remit in cash, to the towing service, the prevailing towing charges. Vehicles that are towed are removed from campus and will reside in the custody of the towing service firm until the owner or operator pays the required fee.
    • Fines and collection will be handled through Vincennes University Police Department.  Revenues are deposited in the University General Fund.
    • A $25.00 fine will be assessed for displaying an altered, stolen, lost or fraudulent permit.  No valid permit or failure to display permit - $25.00 fine.  Unauthorized parking in a handicap space - boot fee and/or automatic tow and a $50.00 fine. All other parking fines are $15.00 for each occurrence.
    • If the motor vehicle displays a permit the fines will be assessed to the employee or student to which the permit was issued.
    • If the vehicle does not display a permit, the fines will be assessed to the employee or student who owns the vehicle.
    • Any vehicle parked on campus without a permit will be identified through the National Crime Information Center computer system.
    • Fines must be paid at the Vincennes University Police Department, located in the Safety and Information Center at the intersection of Second and Center Streets, within ten (10) days.
    • Failure of an employee or student to pay a fine when it is due shall be cause for revocation of parking privileges. Revocation shall remain in effect as long as the fine is unpaid.
    • University employees and students who receive ten (10) or more parking citations in a school year will have their off street parking privileges revoked.
    • Action taken by the Vincennes University Police Department is final and binding unless appealed in accordance with these regulations. Appeals may be made online at
    • All persons appealing a parking citation must file a completed appeal form with the Campus Police within seven days of the citation notice. Failure to file the completed appeal form within the prescribed time period shall constitute a waiver of the right to appeal the citation notice.
    • Except in very rare and unusual circumstances, the only proper basis of an appeal is the contention that the cited regulations were not violated.
    • Reasons such as "I thought it was no violation," "I did not mean to violate the regulations," "I saw other persons doing the same," " I would have been late for class or work," are not acceptable justifications for an appeal.

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