Risk Management

Risk Management

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The Risk Management Office

This office is committed to enriching the educational goals of the institution through the provision of resources, programs, and services aimed at proactively managing risk, promoting safety, and safeguarding the welfare, assets, and reputation of the University.

Our pursuit of excellence involves the identification, analysis, and mitigation of potential risks that could pose significant threats to the long-term growth and sustainability of Vincennes University.

Risk Management

The mission of Risk Management is to protect people, the environment, property, financial, and other resources in support of Vincennes University's teaching, outreach, and student services. This is accomplished by

  • Understanding the needs and priorities of the university community and partnering with key stakeholders.
  • Developing materials and resources to provide guidance to the university community.
  • Providing education through training and consultation.
  • Assisting the university community with regulatory compliance by identifying opportunities to improve the safety of the university community.
  • Leadership through integrity, credibility and technical excellence.
  • Providing quality services in a professional and responsive manner.

All Vincennes University Faculty, staff and students have a responsibility to identify and manage the risks associated with their activities, and the Risk Management Office which is the resource for risk management advice so that activities are carried out in a manner that considers safety, financial, reputational, or legal risks. The office has primary responsibility for negotiating and ensuring the sufficiency of the University’s insurance portfolio, oversight of insurance claims, and development of various risk and loss control programs. Members of the Vincennes University community are encouraged to contact the Risk Management office with any questions or concerns related to proposed activities, with respect to loss prevention, life safety, premises liability, automobile liability, worker’s compensation, claims recovery, or any related matters.

Contact Information


Michael Morrison

Director of Purchasing

812-888-5736 Mmorison@vinu.edu

Laura Carie

Director of Events & Special Projects

812-888-5116 Laura.Carie@vinu.edu