college of science, engineering, and mathematics

college of science, engineering, and mathematics

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Join us in our pursuit of educational excellence in the scientific, engineering, and mathematical realms. The pursuit of mastering these different disciplines forms the critical foundation of innovation in our society. Take advantage of our small class sizes, classroom resources, and hands-on learning experiences to take you on a journey towards an incredible assortment of rewarding careers. 
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If you are interested in hands-on learning, small classes, and excellent instruction, then you have found the right place! Want to be a Doctor? Engineer? Pharmacist? Zoologist? Soil Scientist? Least expensive residential university in Indiana? We got it! We offer free tutoring for all subjects and have a lot of clubs that you can be active in. I hope to see you at VU!




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Department Chair

Andrew Corless
The biology department offers a gateway to a rewarding career with job growth. Graduates have the choice between several diverse pathways for careers in teaching, medical sciences, zoology, and more. You can pursue bachelor’s and associate degree programs that equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in biological sciences and set the stage for a bright future.


A chemistry student filling up a flask with water

Department Chair

Elizabeth lowe
Vincennes University’s chemistry department offers outstanding degree programs in teaching, research, healthcare, and more. You will have access to cutting-edge research facilities to engage in groundbreaking research alongside experienced faculty. Our faculty are committed to your success, providing personalized guidance, mentorship, and a nurturing learning environment.


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Department Chair

Dr. Jubin Chen
Choose from a wide range of degree programs, each designed to foster innovation and problem-solving. These programs prepare you for impactful work in industries that shape the world, from civil infrastructure to cutting-edge technology. From mechanical and environmental engineering, you can earn degrees and explore rewarding careers in various trades.

Geoscience & Agriculture

Geoscience students examining a large bone

Department Chair

Andrew Smith
Explore the beauty of nature while securing a future. Our Geoscience department boasts an array of programs, from sustainable farming to forestry. These hands-on programs prepare you for careers in environmental science, offering outdoor learning experiences in beautiful natural settings.


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Department Chair

Mandy Haag
VU offers a range of Mathematics programs, including Bachelor's and Associate degrees where you can explore programs, such as mathematics education and actuarial science. These programs provide a solid foundation and open doors to high-paying jobs setting you on a path to success in the mathematics field.

Medical Majors

Medical majors putting pills into bottles

Department Chair

Curt Coffman
Explore a variety of medical programs that empower you to diagnose, treat, and improve patients’ lives. Our medical degree programs prepare you for diverse medical professions. From dental hygiene to occupational therapy, these programs lay the foundation for success in the ever-evolving healthcare industry.
Neil Armstrong Hall from Purdue University
Updike Hall SEM Learning Lab
University of Evansville

Bachelor Degrees

Associate Degrees

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Certificate Programs

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