why log out

why log out

Why Log Out?

1. Your files and documents could be tampered with.

2. Your account could get hacked.

3. Your credit card information could get stolen.

4. Your password can get changed without your knowledge.

5. Important information could be lost.

6. You could lose important contacts.

7. Your account could be compromised.

8. Your on-line identity could be impersonated. 

9.  Your important files can be ruined.

10. You can lose everything.

Logging out of a computer is very important because there are risks associated with not logging out.  One potential way to compromise yourself is to use a public computer. Someone can use the public computer while you're still logged in and can mess with your work.  Always be sure to log out of accounts/browsers like Google Drive because these accounts may hold important information.  There are many benefits to logging out with protecting your work and identify.  


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