The purpose of the scholarship is to promote Support Staff in a positive manner and open communication and interaction among Support Staff.

Drawing will be held at the VU summer party.


  1. Scholarships will be awarded for one (1) succeeding academic year.  An academic year is defined as August through May (Fall and Spring Semesters). 
  1. The number of scholarships and monetary value of each will be determined by the Support Staff Council Board of Directors on an annual basis.
  1. This scholarship is available to students attending classes offered by VU.
  1. Scholarship monies will be divided equally between semesters for one academic year. 
  1. Each applicant is allowed only one (1) entry per lottery drawing per year.  Applicants/recipients may reapply each year.
  1. VU’s fee remission of 3 credit hours for employees or ½ tuition for dependents will be credited against the student’s account prior to the receipt of the scholarship benefits. 
  1. The scholarship monies may only be used by the student for tuition, lab fees, or textbooks up to the full amount of the scholarship. 
  1. A public drawing for Scholarship winners will be held annually at the summer staff party.  


  1. Any full-time Support Staff member (as defined in the Support Staff Council By-Laws, Article III, A) employed at any VU site, their spouse, and/or children may apply.  Children will be defined as:
  • Natural children
  • Adopted children
  • Stepchildren
  • Grandchildren
  • Those placed under the legal guardianship of the support staff employee
  • There is no age limitation for children.
  1. The recipient must maintain a GPA of at least 2.5 during the semester in order to be considered eligible in subsequent years.
  2. Should a recipient forego the use of his/her SSC scholarship, it will be awarded to an alternate winner that was chosen at the summer staff party.
  1. If the recipient withdraws from VU, the Refund Policy (as outlined in the Vincennes University Catalog) would be followed, and monies would revert back into the scholarship fund for immediate distribution to an alternate winner for use during the remainder of the academic year.
  1. All applications must be complete (including signatures) and meet the criteria in order to be eligible for a scholarship.
  1. As a way of supporting the Support Staff Scholarships, the support staff member who receives a scholarship (or on behalf of his/her spouse, and/or children as defined under “Eligibility/Criteria, item 1”) agrees to actively participate in the fall Support Staff Council fundraiser or they will not receive any pending monies.

Revised 5/16