We are thrilled to feature our Alumni-Owned Business Directory. VU alumni live and work across the United States and around the world. Many in our Trailblazer network have continued their passion for entrepreneurship by creating their own businesses. This directory is created to showcase these alumni-owned businesses and to provide the VU community with an opportunity to support our alumni.




Information contained in this directory is provided to the Vincennes University Foundation and Alumni Association by alumni business owners and employees. The businesses are not legally affiliated with Vincennes University, Vincennes University Foundation, Inc., or the Vincennes University Alumni Association. Vincennes University, the VU Foundation and the VU Alumni Association assume no responsibility for the practices, positions, or conduct of any business contained within. A business directory listing is not an endorsement by Vincennes University, Vincennes University Foundation, Inc., or the Vincennes University Alumni Association. Directory users are encouraged to exercise due care when engaging any business.


By accessing this Directory, you agree to the following terms of use: The use of this Directory or the contact information contained within for solicitation purposes of any kind is strictly prohibited.

The use of this Directory or any of the information contained within for any unauthorized private, commercial, or political mailing is prohibited. Vincennes University or Vincennes University Foundation, Inc. does not endorse or make any other representations concerning any of the businesses registered on the Directory.


Does the business have to be owned by a Vincennes University alum to qualify?
Yes. The purpose of this directory is for VU alumni to discover ways to network with fellow Trailblazers and to celebrate their entrepreneurial spirit. The term VU Alumni is defined as individuals who have earned a minimum of 24 credit hours from VU.

Is all of the information on the form published in the directory?
No. One section of the form is soley used for verification purposes. This section is identified as “for verification” on the form.

Are businesses required to provide a discount for VU alumni?
No Discounts are not a requirement to be included in the directory listing.

Can I include my company logo?
No. At this time, logos are not included with business listings.

Is there a fee to be listed in the directory?
No. There are no financial transactions related to being listed in the directory.

How often is the directory updated?
The directory is updated on a weekly basis. All entries are reviewed and alumni are verified before publishing a company listing online. Please note: All entries will be reviewed and may be edited for clarity, format, length or other purposes that adhere to the guidelines of the directory.

Once a company is listed in the directory, periodic messages will be sent reminding members to review their listing information and submit any updates.

What are the guidelines for being a part of the directory?
Please review the legal statements located at the bottom of this page.

Have another question? Please email VUALUMNI@VINU.EDU or call the Vincennes University Foundation and Alumni Office at 812-888-4510.