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Employer Relations

The VU Career Center helps employers connect with students.  A very important first step is to register on our Blazer Careerlink system.  Employers registered on BCL database have 24/7 benefits such as being able to post jobs that reach both current students and alumni and being included in Career Center for communication purposes. Please review the below list of some of the ways we can help you connect….

Blazer Careerlink

Reach both current students and alumni!

Blazer Careerlink (BCL) is an online tool where employers post job positions so students/alumni can search for employment opportunities. BCL is free and can be used for full time jobs, part-time jobs, and internship opportunities. Once registered, employers will receive occasional communications regarding pertinent Career Center activities. If you need assistance with wording, selecting the target audience, or with posting, we are here to help!

Fair Events

Whether face-to-face or virtual.

Each year, the VU Career Center holds part-time job fairs, an internship fair, and full time Career Fairs for upcoming grads. Our various fairs offer a great opportunity to collect resumes, promote your company, and to meet candidates in a face-to-face or virtual environment. Employers registered on the BCL job board will be notified of upcoming pertinent events. Additionally, please visit our Calendar of Events located in the Blazer Careerlink.

  • Career Fairs: Often held in the spring, Career Fairs offer employers a chance to meet current students preparing to enter the working world. Employers are required to post available positions prior to the event therefore, students can view all available positions prior to the event. Many companies hold interviews immediately following the event.
  • Part-time Job Fair: Books, pizza, movies! Many students need spending money! Local businesses seeking part-time employees are encouraged to attend our PT Job Fair held in the beginning of each semester.
  • Internship Fair: Often held in the fall, this event can be used to seek students who are interested in interning during the school year or during the summer.

On Campus Interviews:

Want a quiet space to conduct interviews?
We can arrange an appropriate space to conduct interviews right here on campus! Do all your recruiting, screening, and hiring in one place! If your company choses to conduct phone or virtual interviews, we can offer a quiet location for students to connect with you.


Build your future pipeline!
VU offers formal cohort internship partnerships as well as works with companies offering traditional internships. We can guide you through steps to help make your internship program successful. Internships can be valuable for both the employer and the student. Employers can evaluate an intern before making an employment offer. If you’re interested in offering an internship, we can guide you through the process.

Information Sessions:

Share your story!
During non-class times, employers can come on campus, face-to-face or virtually, and speak with students. This is a great method to talk with a group of interested students from certain majors. Information Sessions are offered in a group setting allowing your company to take 15-20 minutes to explain your company and positions then take time to answer students’ questions. Information Sessions can lead to private one-on-one meetings.

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