Graduate Surveys


Occupational Graduates Follow-up:  Often incoming students have questions about their chosen major. Will this major help me get into the job market?  How much money should I make after graduation?  Each year the Center for Career and Employer Relations conducts surveys with recent graduates to find these answers.  This data is shared below.


2017-2018 Occupational Graduates Follow-Up

2016-2017 Occupational Graduates Follow-Up

2015-2016 Occupational Graduates Follow-Up

2014-2015 Occupational Graduates Follow-up

2013-2014 Occupational Graduates Follow-up

2012-2013 Graduation Rates

2011-2012 Graduation Rates

2012-2013 Occupational Graduates Follow-up

2011-2012 Occupational Graduates Follow-up

2011-2012 Completions