Drops for Attendance and Procedures for Student Appeals

Students who miss class hours totaling twice the number of credit hours awarded for the course, or the equivalent of two weeks of class instruction, are eligible to be dropped from class.  Faculty will be using the "TAPS" Program - Tracking Attendance Performance of Students - to issue warnings for non-attendance and to Drop students for non-attendance with the following final grades: WN: Withdrawal for non-attendance, Not failing or WF: Withdrawal for non-attendance, Failing.  

Only the student may appeal such a drop for non-attendance, and the student has two possible avenues for appeal.
1. The student may appeal directly to the faculty person for readmission to the course and must provide evidence of extenuating circumstances that caused the absences.  The faculty person has the option to readmit the student without a formal appeal hearing.
2. The student may appeal the drop for attendance at the Dean of Students’ office by completing the Online Drop Petition Appeal form within five business days  from the date of the notification.  The Dean of Students will then convene a hearing for the appeal at which readmission will be granted or denied.  If there is extenuating information/evidence unknown to the faculty person or Dean of Students, the student is responsible to provide that information/evidence.  The hearing is conducted by the Dean or Associate Dean of Students and is attended by the student, the faculty person involved, and the faculty person’s Dean or a representative of that Dean.

Online Drop Appeal Petition Form