Contact the Vincennes University's Bursar's office for tuition refund/credit amount for withdrawal. 

Contact the Vincennes University's Financial Aid Office for the amount of financial aid to be returned to lender upon withdrawal.

VU Financial Services (Bursar and Financial Aid): 812-888-4244 or 800-742-9198

To drop one or more of your online classes, fill out and return the form below.

You may return the form by fax or by e-mail.

Fax:     812-888-2054


*Please be sure to check the refund schedule for the amount of tuition that will be refunded (or charged if you have not yet paid for your course).


Distance Education Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawals through the Distance Education Office must be submitted using the form below.

Please consult the Refund Schedule below for the amount of tuition that will be refunded (or charged if you have not yet paid for your course).



Drop and Withdrawal Schedules


Summer 2019

Summer 2019 10 week D31, D32 courses
05/29/19 - 06/04/19                             100%  adjustment

06/05/19 - 06/05/19                                75%  adjustment

06/06/19 - 06/09/19                                50%  adjustment

06/10/19 - 06/13/19                               25%  adjustment

06/14/19 - 08/07/19                                 0%  adjustment

*NOTE: Last day for students to withdraw from Summer 2019 D31, D02 courses without appropriate division approval: 07/10/19

Summer 2019 8 week D91, D92 courses

06/10/19 - 06/13/19                             100%  adjustment

06/14/19 - 06/17/19                                75%  adjustment

06/18/19 - 06/20/19                                50%  adjustment

06/21/19 - 06/23/19                               25%  adjustment

06/24/19 - 08/07/19                                 0%  adjustment

*NOTE: Last day for students to withdraw from Summer 2019 D91, D92 courses without appropriate division approval: 07/15/19




Requests made to the Distance Education Office to withdraw will not be processed without this completed form. Withdrawals are processed using the date the Distance Education Office receives the form.

 VU Catalog: Academic Guidelines: A student dropping a developmental course will be placed on academic probation or might be academically disqualified.  Class withdrawals from some required courses are not permitted.

Students should also be aware that withdrawals requested after these deadlines to avoid lower than desired course grades will not be considered.  Student-initiated withdrawals will not be permitted after these dates except in the case of extended illness, family emergency, or other such unavoidable causes.

PLEASE NOTE: Any drop or withdrawal for Vincennes Distance Education students will always result in financial aid recalculation and the student may owe financial aid money back to the university. It is the students responsibility to contact the Financial Aid Office to determine the amount to be owed and how it will impact future enrollment.