1. What is Xmester?
    XMester is a 2-week summer college experience for high school students entering their senior year. The students obtain 3 college credit hours and invaluable experience at Vincennes University the first week and at a regional site the second week.
  2. What is the Xmester experience like?

    Students stay on campus in a college dorm for 2 weeks in June. They are enrolled in a college course, participate in evening activities and experience college life. Students also have the opportunity to meet with staff and faculty at the colleges.

  3. Can students that do not attend a partnering Early College School participate in Xmester?
    Yes, please contact us at 260-446-0240, ext. 7502 or onance@vinu.edu for further information.

  4. Can students other than rising juniors participate in Xmester?
    Only rising juniors and current seniors that have not previously participated in Xmester. Freshman and sophomores cannot participate in Xmester.
  5. Can students take more than one course during Xmester?
    Unfortunately, courses are accelerated and there is only time to complete one course.
  6. How do I get textbooks for the course?
    Textbooks will be provided to the student during Xmester. The cost of the textbook rental is included in Xmester cost.
  7. Must I have a roommate?
    Yes, all participants will have a roommate. Scholars must complete the roommate portion of the registration form. This will assist staff in selecting a compatible individual for you.
  8. What courses are offered at Xmester?
    COMP 275 (Mobile Applications) , PSYC 291 (Intro to Exceptionalities), OADM 266 (Professional Image), THEA 100 (Theater Appreciation), HIST 230 (Special Topics History), & SOCL 151 (Principles of Sociology)
  9. Which courses will transfer?
    Most Xmester courses will transfer based upon its listing in the Indiana Core Transfer library or as elective courses.
  10. How do I register?
    All students must complete the online scholar registration form.
  11. What is the cost to participate in Xmester?
    The individual cost of Xmester may be up to $900 based upon school district contribution, student status, and course credit hours. Tuition is $225.00. Please contact us for more specific cost information.
  12. Where is Vincennes University?
    The school is located in the city of Vincennes, the county seat of Knox County, Indiana, about two hours southwest of Indianapolis city limits. VU is located in between Terre Haute and Evansville on Indiana-Illinois border.
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  13. What are the benefits to participating in Xmester?
    • Earn 3 college credits within 2 weeks
    • Experience college campus life at two different colleges: Vincennes University & IPFW
    • Learn firsthand from outstanding campus leaders and mentors
    • Get a head start in preparing for college success
    • Meet other students from the Early College Program