Xmester Parent Information

Xmester Parent Information

Congratulations, parents, for all the hard work you have done to get your student to this critical point. Now sit back while we have them for two weeks of accelerated academics, challenging leadership activities and residential life moments that will help your child hit the ground running in their senior year of high school and beyond.
A child heading to college is an important milestone for many families unfamiliar with what to expect. Xmester at Vincennes University, in many ways, is a dry-run to prepare students and families for this very important right-of-passage experience, where in a structured and supportive environment, students learn independence and what it takes to be a successful college student. During the Xmester program, students are only allowed to leave the campus to participate in academic excursions sponsored by Xmester. Personal vehicles are not allowed to be used during the Xmester experience. 

Parent FAQ

1.    Are scholarships available for Xmester? 

Unfortunately, we do not offer scholarships to students wishing to attend Xmester. Please contact a high school administrator about district scholarships, fundraisers, and other ways to offset the cost.

2.    Will my student receive a grade in their Xmester course? 

All courses taken and grades earned in Vincennes University courses are recorded on a permanent college transcript. Grades will be shared with the student’s high school to be added to the student’s high school transcript. 

3.    Are visitors allowed during Xmester? 

Guests are not allowed to invited on campus. Girls and boys are never allowed in the room nor on the floor designated of the opposite sex.

4.    What if my scholar misses or skips class? 

Missing class is NOT an option and can result in removal from X-Mester at the parent’s expense.

5.    Are there any DO NOT BRING/prohibited items? 

Yes. Students are not allowed to bring household appliances, dorm decor, printers, excessive clothing, power strips, halogen lamps, high voltage devices, microwaves, refrigerators, televisions, candles, pets, weapons, alcohol and drug paraphernalia (including cigarettes).

6.    How much money should my student bring to campus? 

Students do not have to bring spending money. If they bring money, they should consider bringing a limited amount of spending money for snacks, incidental items (e.g. deodorant), laundry, and to shop at the bookstore. Students should create a packing list to ensure they do not leave any items at home. 

7.    How much should my student pack? 

Students should limit their packing to ONE SUITCASE (Capacity: 30 inches in height and 19 inches in width) and ONE SMALL CARRY-ON (Capacity: 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches). 

All students should pack the following items:   
•    Business attire (at least one outfit)
•    Business casual summer clothes (e.g., knee length shorts, skirts and dresses; sleeved shirts; and shirts that cover the torso) 
•    Identification: License or school ID
•    Swimming attire (appropriately modest) 
•    Sneakers
•    One part of comfortable dress shoes 
•    Water bottle 
•    Comfortable walking shoes
•    Pillow, pillow case, blanket
•    One set of extra-long twin sheets
•    Bath towels and washcloths
•    Shower bucket/tote (to carry supplies to shower room)
•    Shower clogs (flip flops)
•    Bathrobe
•    Shower cap (optional) 
•    Laundry bag & supplies (suggested for full experience)
•    Quarters for laundry facilities (suggested for full experience)
•    Rain poncho (required)
•    Umbrella
•    Small back pack (optional: students will receive a drawstring backpack)
 •    Extra spending money (optional)   
•    Small personal laptop (optional but helpful)
•    Three subject notebook, pencil, pens, correction tape, and flash cards 
•    Toiletries

8.    Are laundry facilities available? 

Laundry facilitates are available. It is $.75 to wash and $.25 to dry.

9.    What about long-distance service?

 Phone service will not be available during Xmester.  Students can either use pay phones in the common area or use their own personal cell phone. Cell phones are not allowed in college classes. 

10.    Are there computer labs?  

Computers are available in computer labs for students to use.  Each room is also furnished with Internet and wireless access.

Standards of Student Behavior 
The VU Creed

Vincennes University is a community dedicated to personal and academic excellence and growth.
In joining this learning community, I commit to a code of civilized behavior.

I will practice personal academic integrity.

I will respect the dignity of all persons, including myself; I will respect the rights of others; I will not condone bigotry;

I will strive for the openness to learn from differences in people, ideas, and opinions.

I will demonstrate concern for others, their feelings, and their need for conditions which support their work and development.  Allegiance to these ideals requires me to refrain from behavior that threatens the freedom and respect every individual deserves.
Academic integrity is expected of all students. Academic dishonesty, including cheating and plagiarism, is unacceptable.
CHEATING is using or attempting to use materials, information or study aids that are not permitted by the instructor in examinations or other academic work.
PLAGIARISM is representing another person's words, ideas, data or work as one's own.
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) grants privacy rights to any student enrolled in a college-level course, regardless of their age. Vincennes University will obtain written consent from students before disclosing any non-directory information from their educational records. Students wishing to restrict release of directory information should submit a Non-Disclosure Declaration to the university.

Directions to Campus and Campus Map

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