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For over 10 years, Xmester has engaged rising high school seniors from Early Colleges across Indiana in a summer residential experience to give participants a head start in preparing for success in college and their intended career. Scholars are able to earn transcripted college credits while navigating campus life and learning firsthand from outstanding campus leaders.

Enrollment in college courses is limited to one accelerated course per student during the summer residential experience. Course offerings vary from year to year. A list of current courses can be requested by contacting your site administrator or by emailing Xmester@vinu.edu.

The Xmester summer residential experience begins with residence hall move-in, campus orientation sessions, class orientation, and an evening activity with a nationally recognized entertainer. Academic and social activities are planned to enhance learning outside of the classroom and to help scholars meet other scholars in the program. Scholars are encouraged to take advantage of everything Xmester has to offer.

enrollment dates

Xmester - two college

Two College Credits Course Program

  • Xmester One-Week Program Dates (at VU only): Sunday, June 5 - Friday, June 10, 2022

  • Open to Early College scholars and Non-Early College scholars

Xmester - three college

Three College Credits Course Program

  • Xmester Two-Week Program Dates (at VU and the Early College site): Sunday, June 5 - Friday, June 17, 2022

  • Enrollment is only open to North Side Early College, East Allen University, Area Career Center Hammond Early College, and Lawrenceburg Early College.

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schedule overview

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what they are saying ...

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"I really enjoyed the new friends that I got to meet while I attended." - Lawrenceburg

"The thing that I liked most about Xmester was our fellows and my instructor, because they were all really fun, open, and accepting." - EAU
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"It taught me how to be a college student and it was very fun. Loved the campus!" - Hammond

"I liked that we could work at our own pace during the second week. In the first week I liked that we had a degree of independence to decide what to do during our day." - BDU
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"I enjoyed the experience and I also took a subject that I enjoyed so it made my experience more enjoyable." - EAU

"I got the college experience that I have been wanting all of this time." - BDU
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"I liked the whole college experience and it made me think deeper about going away to college. Before Xmester I never though I was going to go away for college, but I really want to now." - EAU

"The fellows were great. They helped us out a lot and they also had fun with us." - Hammond

Contact Information

E-mail: Xmester@vinu.edu

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