ETS Parent Information

ETS Parent Information

Academic Resources

Every student faces certain milestones in his educational career. Sometimes it can be difficult to assist your children without the proper resources. The following links can assist you in providing your children with helpful information.

Tutoring Connections

  • Carlisle Jr. High School, Carlisle, IN - After school tutoring every Thursday- see counselor.
  • North Knox Jr./Sr. High School, Bicknell, IN - Peer tutoring is available.  See Mr. Hutchison for more information.
  • White River Valley Jr./Sr. High School, Switz City, IN -  English review sessions are held on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00-3:30 p.m. in Mrs. Hauser's room.
  • North Jr. High, Evansville, IN - Monday-Thursday Math & English from 2:30-4:30 p.m.  Ask your teacher

*If you don't see your school listed and need tutoring help, please see your Outreach Advisor or school counselor*

  • Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT)

The SAT is a college admission test that demonstrates a student’s college readiness. The SAT must be taken for admission to most four-year colleges.  The SAT test includes a critical reading section, a writing section, and a mathematics section. We recommend that students take the SAT once in the spring of their junior year and again in the fall of their senior year. Colleges will generally take your highest verbal/math score from both tests and put them together to create a new score.

ETS can provide your students with SAT fee waivers in addition to college application fee waivers!

For more information about the SAT or for SAT prep, visit the link below.

American College Testing (ACT)
The ACT is also a college admission tests that demonstrates a student’s college readiness. The ACT is covers four skill areas: mathematics, English, reading, and science. The ACT offers an optional writing test.

ETS can provide your students with ACT fee waivers in addition to college application fee waivers!

Test Prep Site

Career Resources
Career inventories can often be helpful when determining where you or your TRiO child’s interests fall. If you are embarking on a career change, you may want to take the career inventory at Other resources available for you and your TRiO child when considering future careers are listed below.

  • WorkOne is the state of Indiana’s central hub for career resources. WorkOne assists with improving job qualifications, exploration of career opportunities, unemployment services, and more. The Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs provides the job outlook for Indiana residents.

Graduation Requirements
Many colleges require additional courses above what many state standards require.

In Indiana, students must meet the Core 40 requirement for graduation. Additional graduation options are provided, such as Core 40 with Academic Honors and Core 40 with Technical Honors. Also, an opt-out provision is offered for students if their parents believe they can benefit more from a General Diploma. However, completion of Core 40 is a minimum college admission requirement for Indiana’s public four-year universities, beginning fall 2011. Additional information can be found at Indiana’s Department of Education page below.

A common worry for parents is the safety of their children. At ETS, we wish to provide you with resources to help assist you in keeping your child safe. The following website provides key information that you can view alone, or with your children.

It is especially important for parents to be aware of internet safety in this digital age. Always caution your children on the information they are making available, as well as the images they are posting. It is becoming common for companies and colleges to check Facebook profiles before making hiring and admission decisions!

Dental Assistance

Dental students need your teeth. The Indiana University School of Dentistry in downtown Evansville is now open.

The clinic is inside the Stone Family Center for Health Sciences.

Right now, there are two final-year dental students on rotation.

However, there’s room for 16 to be working there.

Patients can get regular check-ups, filings, and teeth pulled.

The benefit is that it can cost less than a regular office visit.

The clinic isn’t full service, but if you need other help, they can work to get you referred to other local dentists.

Individuals interested in becoming patients should contact the clinic at:

Indiana University School of Dentistry Evansville Clinic - Stone Family Center for Health Sciences

515 Walnut Street, Evansville, Indiana 47708

Call (812) 909-7007

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