The ability to read, write, and comprehend spoken English is fundamental to succeeding in Vincennes University courses. The VU EAL department provides ESL/EAL students the opportunity to achieve English proficiency as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

A Foundation for Success
We use multiple tests to determine English Language Proficiency. The tests include the TOEFL, Focal Skills, TABE Clas E, and the Cambridge English placement test to establish language proficiency, and the ACT, SAT and CPTS to determine academic placement. The Vincennes University ESL/EAL program offers intensive, focused instruction for 18 to 20 hours every week in Listening, Reading, Pronunciation, and Writing. All classes in the Intensive English Program track are non-credit. EALG 100 Bridge is a class designed for students that have completed the IEP track or have tested into college classes, but feel they still need support from the EALG department. EALG100 is six credit hours and allows students to earn college credit while refining their English language skills and receiving help with their college classes.

The IEP track consists of seven classes, each focusing on integrated language skills. Students are placed in groups of similar English ability. Each student takes four hours of instruction daily, Monday through Thursday and two hours on Friday. The focus of these hours will vary according to the skill area in which the student is placed. Students are tested every eight weeks and assigned to the appropriate class as indicated by their test scores or the same class if more practice is needed. There are two 8-week sessions per semester for full-time students and a one 16-week session for part-time students.

Students are placed into classes based on their proficiency. Students are tested every eight weeks to ensure proper placement at all times.

Why Choose VU:

  • Small class size
  • Low EAL program tuition cost compared to other Indiana universities
  • Contemporary yet proven teaching methods for efficient language acquisition
  • Use of authentic materials for real-life language use and understanding
  • Regular interaction with classmates, VU peers, and community members for a truly socialized learning experience
  • Individualized curriculum to meet your language needs
  • Learned faculty with a variety of teaching experience
  • Frequent testing for accurate placement
  • Free tutoring for EAL and other academic subjects available
  • Safe, secure, beautifully landscaped campus
  • Small, friendly town in the heart of America’s Midwest, where standard English is spoken

How many hours a week do EAL courses meet?

Students in 8-week EAL courses:

Full-time, on-campus EAL students meet 18 hours per week. Part-time, on-campus EAL students meet 9 hours a week. Students in EALG 100 (Bridge Class) meet 20 hours a week though some of these hours include tutoring and/or study hours outside of class. Students in EALG 086 (Community-Based EAL) meet 2 hours a week.

Students in 16-week EAL courses:

Full-time, on-campus EAL students meet 9 hours per week. Part-time, on-campus EAL students meet 9 hours a week. Students in EALG 100 (Bridge Class) meet 10 hours a week though some of these hours include tutoring and/or study hours outside of class. Students in EALG 086 (Community-Based EAL) meet 1 hour a week.

Commonly Asked Questions

Demonstration of English Proficiency

Students who have no scores or who have not demonstrated proficiency will be conditionally admitted to VU and admitted to English as an Additional Language (EAL), tested for language proficiency, and placed accordingly.  Students who are placed in EAL must successfully complete their EAL courses before enrolling in any regular college courses


Intensive English Program Track:

  • EALG 090 Pre-EAL
  • EALG 091 Beginning EAL
  • EALG 092 Low Beginning EAL 2
  • EALG 093 High Beginning EAL 3
  • EALG 094 Low Intermediate EAL 4
  • EALG 095 High Intermediate EAL 5
  • EALG 096 Advanced EAL

College Credit Class to support our students during first year at Vincennes University

Class Summer Intensive Language Institute for students who desire to learn English as quickly as possible

  • EALG 097 Intensive Institute

Special Course Offering designed for students with specific educational goals

  • EALG 098 Special Language Purpose 

Community Member Class

  • EALG 086 Community Member Class (1 credit hour course). This class is for resident students who want to improve their English proficiency. Students can choose the time they want to come to class Tuesday - Thursday from 8:00 - 11:00 AM. This class is for non-degree seeking students who want to study part-time.

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