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Advanced Culinary Techniques Certificate (CPC)

About This Degree

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Estimated Program Length

15 Credit Hours


Vincennes Campus

This program is designed for those who already have basic culinary skills and wish to explore more advanced culinary techniques in areas of pastry, presentation, and more. This program is designed as an intensive program for students who have completed an A.S. in Culinary Arts.

As a Culinary Arts major at VU, you will be responsible for preparing menus served to various groups who either work on campus or are visiting our campus. You will also be involved in a number of off-campus projects. In past years, classes have undertaken such projects as:

Awards for Excellence - Students prepare and serve an elegant reception to state leaders in the Capitol Building.
Thursday Night Bistro - Students prepare delicious international and regional cuisine for the public.
Interns and Apprenticeships - Students have traveled to Disney World, the Glacier National Park, and even France to perfect their craft. Internships can even be found in the student's Hometown.

Employment Opportunities

This program will qualify you for an entry-level position as a first cook, second cook, chef junior assistant, sauce cook, pastry cook, or sous chef trainee, among others. You can work in resorts, casual themed restaurants, hospitals, or an assisted living facility. Restaurants are around the globe. People want to eat at restaurants to experience the variety and specialty menus.