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Biological, Biomedical Sciences (AS)

Biological, Biomedical Sciences (AS)

Associate of Science Transfer

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2 Years


Vincennes Campus

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Biology, the study of all that is living. The career opportunities are as diverse as life itself. The majority of biologists are involved in research and development in areas such as agriculture, pharmaceuticals, education, and ecology. Biologists can work at universities, zoos, laboratories, hospitals, parks and governmental agencies.

Career Outcomes

As Indiana companies produce more sophisticated products, and face stricter government regulations, they face a growing need for workers with higher level skills.  Positions once filled by high school graduates now require workers with A.S. or B.S. degrees. As a VU graduate you will have the choice of entering the workforce, where jobs are plentiful, or transferring to a four-year institution.  In addition, you will save thousands of dollars in tuition by completing your first two years at VU.  For more information on the opportunities in biology, click here.