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Engineering – Mechanical or Aeronautical Engineering (AS)

Engineering – Mechanical or Aeronautical Engineering (AS)

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2 Years


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Anything that is mechanical is within the scope of a mechanical engineer—anything from an in-flight walk aboard a space shuttle to a robot programmed to simulate human movement.

Mechanical engineers study the behavior of materials when forces are applied to them, such as the motion of solids, liquids, and gases, as well as the heating and cooling of objects and machines.  Using these basic building blocks, engineers design things like power plants, computers, air conditioners, and robots.

Career Outcomes

The VU Advantage           
Vincennes University offers the first two years of a bachelor’s degree in agricultural, biomedical, food process, chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering.  All programs are designed to transfer to Purdue University and require high-level mathematics proficiency. 

 Advantages to beginning your studies at VU include:

  • The fact that customarily, lab sections are taught by the same faculty who teach the lecture sections, ensuring consistent instruction and encouraging relationship building with professors.
  • Hands-on experience.
  • The nurturing of your fundamental skills, designed to prepare you for advanced study.
  • The use of laboratory equipment normally reserved for students at the junior or senior level.
  • Easy access to mainframe and personal computers, plus computer-aided design systems.

The focus in all engineering tracks is developing sound problem-solving techniques.  The laboratory is your practice ground as you test construction materials and do surveying work.

 At Vincennes University, fundamental engineering skills are nurtured to prepare you for advanced study.  It’s this personalized attention that can make the difference in your academic success.