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Engineering Science, VU/Purdue Transfer Partnership (Jasper)(AS)

Engineering Science, VU/Purdue Transfer Partnership (Jasper)(AS)

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The VU/Purdue Engineering Science Partnership is a cooperative undergraduate program between Vincennes University Jasper Campus, Vincennes University Main Campus and Purdue University. The first year of the degree will be offered at the Jasper Campus, followed by the second year at the Vincennes Campus. Students completing the engineering science degree may transfer directly to Purdue University or other baccalaureate institutions. 

This curriculum is designed for an A.S. degree in engineering science. All students should check the specific requirements of their respective transfer institution and consult with their academic advisor concerning articulation agreement requirements with these institutions before choosing a discipline concentration in this program. Only one engineering concentration applies to the engineering science degree, as a second concentration would not meet the University’s minimum requirement that there be 15 credit hours difference between double majors.  The following quote from the Institutional guidelines governs this.  “… the [second] degree will be awarded only where there are at least fifteen (15) credit hours of required major courses, including departmental and/or program requirements and exclusive of any course substitutions, in the additional degree that are over and above those required in the companion degree of the double major.”