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Fire Science and Safety Technology, A.S.C.T.

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2 years


Vincennes Campus

A public safety career is one of the most reward-ing careers you could pursue. Fire and EMS (Emergency Medical Service)organizations de-sire candidates with some formal education.  At Vincennes University, our Fire Science & Safety Technology program is designed to not only pre-pare you for a career in public safety, but get you noticed by potential employers.  

In addition, our program can accommodate the  professional who is already working in public safety. Whether you need that degree for pro-motion or just want to further your education, the VU Fire Science & Safety Technology program is an excellent option.

VU offers an Associates Degree in Fire Science & Safety Technology.  The subjects studied in the coursework include, but are not limited to:

  • Basic Firefighting—fire behavior and dynam-ics, ladders, ventilation, hose, fire streams, forcible entry,  search and rescue.
  • Strategy & Tactics
  • Firefighter Safety
  • (EMS) Emergency Medical Technician
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Technical Rescue—rope, auto extrication, confined space, trench, collapse, water & ice.
  •  Leadership & Ethics • Fire apparatus -operations & design
  • Fire Investigation—cause & determination
  • Code Enforcement & Public Education  
  • Fire Suppression & Alarm Systems
  • Building Construction for the fire service
  • Incident Command,  
  • Fire Service Management
  • Current technology,  and much more.  

Also, if you desire to earn a Bachelor’s Degree,  your fire science degree can be applied toward the Homeland Security and Public Safety B.S. Degree program.

The education you will receive goes far beyond earning a degree.  The experience will provide you, the graduate, with the confidence to per-form in the most critical of situations.  In addi-tion, you will meet others who share your pas-sion for public service.   VU Fire Science & Safety Technology is a grow-ing program.  We are perpetually revising and adding to our curriculum. Soon, we hope to be announcing some exciting additions to our de-gree and course offerings.