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Natural Resources & Environmental Science (AS)

Natural Resources & Environmental Science (AS)

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2 Years


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Very few things are more fundamental to the human condition and civilization itself than the natural resource base our economy is predicated upon.  The state, nation, and world needs qualified persons in order to locate, utilize, and manage these resources, as well as protect human interests via environmental monitoring and remediation. Studies involving our planet and its resources are a large mandate. Thus the Department of Geosciences and Agriculture offers several concentrations under the NRES major.

Agriculture – A Purdue transfer program where students may focus on the beginnings of plant or animal agriculture studies along with fundamental core courses. The success of our Purdue transfer students is over 95%

Forestry and Conservation – Timber resource overuse was the origin of our nation’s conservation movement in the late 1800s. Now trained professionals manage these and other resources for the benefit of our own, and future, generation(s).

Geology – The modern science of geology was created for the purpose of finding coal to fuel the Industrial Revolution. The search for Earth’s energy resources is still an important endeavor – such as both coal and oil in Indiana. Geologists also assist in the discovery and management of mineral and water resources, as well as remediation procedures associated with resource extraction and use. 

Geography – A field where the “lay of the land” is studied via geospatial sciences, and weather, climate, culture and sociopolitical boundaries are explored.

Career Outcomes

Why Choose VU?

The two-year Natural Resource and Environmental Science major at Vincennes University has  concentrations designed to transfer to Purdue University, as well as “2+2” programs with USI and ISU for the completion of the baccalaureate degree.  These first two years will help you build a solid foundation in general education and core science classes.

The VU Advantage

  • Class size is usually fewer than 35, which means easier access to laboratory equipment as well as your professors.
  • Qualified instructors, not teaching assistants, conduct the laboratory sections, which ensures that you will have every opportunity to master the fundamental science principles to carry you through your upper-level classes.
  • Mathematics Laboratory.
  • Study skills laboratory.
  • Free tutoring.
  • A caring faculty with an individualized approach to teaching.