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Nursing RN To BSN Completion (BS)

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  • Increase your salary with a BSN degree (Median salary $82,750)
  • Become eligible for leadership roles
  • Choose where you live/work with job openings around the country

The RN to BSN degree offers registered nurses the ability to earn a bachelor's degree mostly online.

What can I expect during my time at VU?

  • The 100% online degree format allows you the flexibility to continue working while earning your BSN.
  • Complete your BSN degree online in as little as 16-months or extend your length of study for up to five years .
  • You may be eligible for tuition deferment, potentially delaying tuition payment until the end of each semester
  • Your academic advisors and faculty are available throughout the week with on-campus offices
  • Your previously completed general education and pre-licensure nursing courses will transfer without an expiration date
  • You will gain skills and knowledge needed for leadership roles
  • Affordable tuition allows you to graduate with less debt
  • The RN to BSN Program has three entry dates to begin the program, providing additional flexibility: August, October, and January
  • You will have early completion opportunities in a minimum of three courses, with additional opportunities if you have experience in leadership, community health nursing, and/or informatics.

What can I do with this degree?

Nurses with BSNs have many career options, from working in schools, clinics, or on the front lines in an emergency room. Many opt to care for specific populations like children or the elderly. Others may choose careers that can be done remotely such as healthcare recruitment, case management, insurance claims, and telehealth. Because they have more education than other nurses, are more likely to be selected for supervisory roles, are more sought-after, and earn more than registered nurses without a bachelor's degree.

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