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Technology - Information Technology (BS)(Online)

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  • The median salary for Computer Systems Analysts is $99,270
  • The Computer Systems field is growing faster than average
  • Choose where you live/work with job openings around the country

All of our IT Associate Degrees transfer into this degree program. Complete a 2 year IT degree, and in another 2 years complete a 4 year degree. You will be getting 2 degrees in the time it takes others to only complete 1.

What can I expect during my time at VU?

  • Vincennes University provides students with a unique opportunity to complete IT Internships for course credit. Students completing this degree option, are ready to make a positive contribution to their organization day one of their job!
  • The Information Technology Baccalaureate Concentration enhances student skills in areas such as Project Management (using the PMI®.org), Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, ERP and Business Systems (using SAP® Academic Alliance), Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (using SAP® Academic Alliance), and Ethical Hacking (using EC Council©).

What can I do with this degree?

This Degree option is ideal for students wanting to work in a variety of Information Technology Jobs such as: Computer Programmer, Systems Developer/Analyst, Information Technology Support Technician, Network Administrator, Business Analyst, Project Coordinator, Data Warehouse Administrator.

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