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Governors Hall, Room 106 (Admissions Building)

Phone:  (812) 888-4943

Fax:  (812) 888-5707



Jennifer Holscher, Director

Jonathan Williams, Data Research Analyst

Ryne Hamm, Research Assistant

Kimela A. Meeks, Analyst


Mission and Focus


The Office of Institutional Research supports student learning and assessment; provides leadership with accurate, timely information essential to planning, policy formation, and decision-making; and complies with all external reporting requirements.

The central focus for the Office of Institutional Research revolves around the theme of improving student learning through a culture of research and assessment.  With collaborative input from leadership, collegial peers, faculty, students, and community, Institutional Research advocates a "walk-in" environment to invite action research; and supports University efforts to become a premier learning institution serving students' educational needs.


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