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Lab Hours and Services During Remote Learning

How to Make a Virtual Tutoring Appointment

Step 1: Logon to MyVU

Step 2: In the Student Access area under the Academic section click on "Tutor Scheduling"

Step 3: Click Logon to Web Gateway


Step 4: Click Appointments


Step 5: Click Create Student Appt.


Step 6: Under Category Choose VU Virtual Tutoring

Step 7: Select the activity where you need help and click Next

Step 8: Select a tutor and click on an available time

Step 9: Click schedule

Before your scheduled appointment, your tutor will email you a link to their virtual tutoring room. Be sure to check your preferred email, including spam folder for information from your tutor.


If you have questions or need help in a class not listed email Danny Ralston at dralston@vinu.edu


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