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Coast Guard Afloat Ed Program

Coast Guard Afloat Education Program

The Vincennes University (VU) Coast Guard Afloat Education Program is a joint collaboration between the U.S. Coast Guard and VU. The Program was developed in 2005 to meet the needs of personnel onboard deployed Coast Guard vessels and at Coast Guard Stations ashore, in all areas of the United States and sometimes overseas.

VU works with an individual command to identify what college-level courses will best suit the command. This is determined by providing an unofficial degree plan for each interested student and then identifying which classes will be of most benefit to the largest number of students. A qualified VU instructor will then offer classes, either onboard a deployed vessel or ashore. Courses can be offered:  1) seated, 2) online, or 3) a combination of seated and online.

This unique program allows Coast Guard personnel to complete requirements toward degree programs and update and improve both military and personal skills.

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NSPACE Program


The NCPACE program offers courses to students who cannot attend a regularly scheduled classroom format.  NCPACE courses are available as Distance Learning (DL) courses.

NCPACE is available to:

  • Active duty Sailors
  • IAs/OSAs/GSAs serving OCONUS, and
  • Naval Reservists ordered to active duty for 120 days or more (Enlisted) or Naval Reserve Officers ordered to active duty for two years beyond the course term end date.

To qualify, active duty Sailors must be assigned to a command with a type 2 or 4 Unit Identification Code (UIC). Additional requirements are detailed on the Navy College Program website.

Afloat FAQ

Frequent Questions

Is a high school diploma/GED required?

Yes, a high school diploma or equivalent is required to enroll in classes at Vincennes University (VU).

What is the tuition rate?

VU offers a cost-effective tuition rate of $250 per credit hour (a three-credit course is $750). There are no application fees or student fees and books are loaned to students in seated classes at no cost.

Is financial aid available?

Yes. Details on financial aid are available online at or call 800-742-9198.

How do I enroll?

VU offers open enrollment - simply apply, request a degree plan, and complete a registration form.

Do I need a placement exam?

Yes, for Math and English. Depending on the results of your placement exam, you may need to take a developmental course.

Do I pay for all classes towards a degree upfront?

No, tuition is charged per class. You are not obligated beyond the class you are enrolled in.

I took college classes at another school years ago. Will they count towards this degree?

They might. VU does accept transfer credits from other accredited schools, as long as you received a grade of C or above. You will need to provide an official transcript to VU in order to request a transfer of credits.

Can I transfer any college credits from my Coast Guard education and training?

Please contact the VU Afloat Education Coordinator, Ann Wells and make arrangements for a Joint Service Transcript evaluation to determine if you are able to transfer credits from Coast Guard training.

How many credits do I need for an Associate degree?

Sixty credits total: 30 credits of General Education requirements and 30 credits of Free Electives or Major Program requirements.

Contact Information

Glenn Karrmann, Regional Director

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