Project EXCEL - Dual Credit

Project EXCEL - Dual Credit

Project EXCEL, Indiana's first dual credit/concurrent enrollment program, offers transcripted college credit for only $25 per credit hour to eligible high school students who enroll in Vincennes University courses offered at their local high school or career center. Project EXCEL courses are available to eligible high school students who meet all applicable course prerequisite requirements established by Vincennes University and/or Project EXCEL.

Vincennes University's Project EXCEL program is accredited by the National Alliance for Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP). The policies and procedures established for our Project EXCEL program conform to the national standards to ensure academic integrity. Project EXCEL courses are the same quality and rigor as those taught on the VU campus.

College credit earned through Project EXCEL is transcripted college credit and will become part of the student's official academic record at Vincennes University.

Contact Information

Project EXCEL Office


Heather Marchino, Senior Director of Dual Credit Partnerships


D'Lee Thomas, Project EXCEL Program Coordinator


Dual Credit Program Coordinator



 Becky Ice, Project EXCEL Office Manager


Rowena Jubay, Project EXCEL Office Coordinator


Ruth Vandermark, Project EXCEL Program Assistant