Accuplacer & Placement Score Waiver Data Form

IMPORTANT - Submission of student data on the waiver data form indicates that the instructor and/or counselor recommends student enrollment in the dual credit course(s) specified. Please do not submit student data if enrollment in dual credit is not recommended.
  • Please include the students’ highest test score, in Reading, Writing, and Math, whether it is an Accuplacer, PSAT or SAT score. 
  • Although the combined three-digit Evidence Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) scores for PSAT are not accepted for placement into VU courses, we are requesting the three-digit score be reported on this form, when reporting PSAT or SAT reading and writing scores, to ensure consistency in evaluating the student data. The EBRW score can be found on the first page of the student’s PSAT or SAT score report, and the same score should be listed under both the reading and writing score columns. Accuplacer scores for reading and writing are, typically, different from one another, thus the need for two separate score reporting columns. 
  • Please review the Instructions tab carefully, prior to completing and submitting this form. Be sure to refer to the list of courses on the first tab to determine which courses (and students) should be included on the form. 
  • If a student’s information is submitted on the waiver data spreadsheet, but no registration form is received, the student will not be registered for the Project EXCEL dual credit course.
  • Last, but not least, we have created the form in Google Sheets that may be completed and submitted, in lieu of the Excel spreadsheet. Both formats are accessible below. 


Accuplacer & Placement Score Waiver Data Form - Google Sheets (View Online & Download)

Accuplacer & Placement Score Waiver Data Form - Excel Version (View Online & Download)

Accuplacer & Placement Score Waiver Data Instructions (View Online & Download