Course Delivery Options

NEW! The Project EXCEL Course Delivery Options document, below, indicates how each Project EXCEL course may be offered within three specified formats. Each course delivery format requires that all VU course objectives be met and all course requirements* be fulfilled.

  • Courses marked as a 1 (in green) can be offered in any of the three formats: Face-to-Face (F2F), Hybrid, or Virtual. 
  • Courses marked as a 2 (in yellow) may be offered F2F or in a Hybrid format (requiring F2F time). These courses may not run virtually. 
  • Courses marked as a 3 (in red) have intensive, hands-on and/or lab requirements and may only be offered as traditional, F2F courses


  • Student access to specific software is required for select courses being offered in hybrid or virtual formats.
  • Hybrid courses require a minimum number of hours of F2F time: 5 weeks for semester-based courses; 10 weeks for yearlong courses. 
  • When possible, lab and/or hands-on requirements should be front loaded, at the beginning of the term, for all F2F and Hybrid courses to ensure hands-on and/or lab requirements are met in the event that schools are shut down. After F2F requirements are met for Hybrid courses, the remainder of the course objectives may be delivered virtually.
Students choosing to attend the HS 100% virtually are not eligible to enroll in the dual credit courses that require face-to-face time in the classroom (i.e. courses marked as 2 or 3).


Project EXCEL Course Delivery Options (View Online & Print)