Student Registration For Schools In A Virtual Format

In order to facilitate the student registration process for schools who are operating in a virtual format, we have created a fillable PDF version of the Project EXCEL Student Registration Form. 

  • Ideally, only schools/courses that are operating 100% virtually should utilize this form. We request all other schools and students use the four-part registration forms. 
  • Students choosing to take online high school courses through a third-party curriculum provider, rather than with the approved VU instructor, may NOT enroll in Project EXCEL courses while utilizing this option.
  • All registration forms must be submitted in the same format for each course to ensure all students are enrolled correctly. If your dual credit courses are running face-to-face and there are students participating virtually they are responsible for obtaining the Project EXCEL registration form and returning it to the instructor. Be sure students return the forms in a timely manner to allow time for the instructor to verify the student’s information, sign the form, and mail the form with all of the other student registration forms. The school may choose to send and receive these forms via USPS, at their own expense, as long as all forms are mailed to the Project EXCEL office by the school, not the student.  
  • Instructors who began the year operating solely in a virtual format received a separate email with a copy of the Example Registration Form, specific to their class(es), to share with their students. Guidance Counselors were copied on these emails. 
  • If your school transitions from face-to-face to a hybrid or online format before you are able to submit the 4-part registration forms, and the dual credit course is permitted to run in one of these formats, you may utilize the fillable registration form. For consistency and tracking purposes, we ask that you use the same registration format for all students. Please scan and save a copy of the example registration form that was mailed with your registration packet so that you can share this information with your students. 
  • In addition to the 2020-21 Project EXCEL Fillable Registration Form, students should be provided with the Student Fillable Form Instruction Sheet, and a link to the Online Fillable Registration Tutorial, all available below, to assist them with this process. The instructions include information for saving the form as a Print to PDF version that the student can then share with the instructor, electronically, for final completion. All fillable PDF’s must be sent to the Project EXCEL office by the instructor, not the student.
  • Instructions for instructors/counselors are available below.


2020-2021 Project EXCEL Fillable Registration Form (View Online and Download)

Instructor/Counselor Fillable Form Instructions (View Online & Download)

Student Fillable Form Instructions (View Online & Download)

Online Fillable Registration Form Tutorial (Download mp4)