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MyVU Safety

Staying Safe With MyVU

MyVU is used by everyone here and it contains loads of personal information. Information that, in the hands of somebody else, could lead to the ruining of your college career. It is important to know how to use MyVU properly and how to keep it safe.

Tip 1. Always log off when you are done. This should be a no brainer but it happens all the time. Closing the browser does not log you off. To log off go to the top right corner of your screen and click your name, then click Sign Out.

Tip 2. Keep your password secure. A password is only useful if only one person knows it. Even if they are your friend, there should be no reason for you to give them your password. MIC will never ask for your password.

Tip 3. Create a unique password. Many people have access to your A number and it is not safe at all. It is important to change your password manually to something only you know. To change your password click your name in the top right corner of your screen. Then click My Account. From here locate the navigation bar on the right side of the screen and click Password. Here you can enter your new password.

Blackboard tips

Staying Safe on Blackboard

Blackboard is used by almost every professor as their online classroom. With Blackboard we are now able to get assignments, lectures, videos, and turn in homework online. But, with such a useful tool comes many responsibilities. The fact that Blackboard is online means that it requires a computer with internet access to use. Unlike pencil and paper, Blackboard can go down at very inconvenient times, whether it be from the server or just loss of connection on your PC.

Blackboard is also a spot of vulnerability. If somebody has access to your account, then they are able to submit false assignments which could lead to disastrous results. People would also have access to viewing your grades. Be sure to keep your password safe and change it to something secure. It is also important to save your own electronic copies of all your assignments.

In order to change your password to something more secure click on your name in the upper right corner once logged in. Then click Settings, personal information. From here a new page is opened with allows you to set a new password. Never give your password out to anybody.

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