Stop By and Visit the Team

Have You Seen Us Lately?

If you have not visited your VU Campus or attended an event recently, we want to encourage you to stop by!  The Foundation team can help you plan your visit.

We can arrange campus tours, help you contact your favorite faculty member, attend a ball game, and more. 

Call 812.888.4510 or email

If you happen to be passing through at the last minute, please feel free to visit us at the Louie O. Dayson Foundation and Alumni Center, 1109 N. Third Street (at the corner of College and Third Streets on the Vincennes Campus).   Our office hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00am - 4:30pm. 

Campus Directions

If you are wishing to visit campus with a prospective student, please follow the link below:

Admissions for New Students

If you would like to invite a Foundation or Alumni Association representative to participate in an event,  please write to or