machining internship program

machining internship program

The Machining Internship Program (MIP) program includes a two-year degree in Precision Machining that combines cutting-edge curriculum, paid work experience, along with learning highly sought-after business principles and best practices of a world-class machining companies and manufactures. Interested applicants must complete both the MIP application, as well as the Vincennes University application. Please select the Precision Machining (8470) program on your VU application. For more information about MIP, please contact Scott Wallace at SWALLACE@VINU.EDU or 812.888.5521


Precision Machining skills are highly sought by many manufacturers and companies. Students in MIP will receive top notched training in school and gain work experience while working as an intern. Over two years, each MIP student can earn as much as $20,000 which could be used toward the student’s education expenses. There are also potential grants and financial aid. The real world work experience can be priceless!

What About After Graduation?
Students in MIP earn an Associate’s of Science through Vincennes University. Upon successful completion of the program, MIP graduates may qualify for a full-time position at many companies or in manufacturing. Additionally, MIP graduates could take one extra summer semester and earn a second AS degree in Advanced CNC Machining and Programming. MIP graduates can continue their education to earn a BS at Vincennes University or a BS at Purdue Polytechnic. Some MIP partners offer full time employees a tuition assistance program which allows the completion of the BS degree with little or no costs.

How it Works
The Application Process: Students interested in the MIP program must apply using both the Vincennes University application and the MIP application. Depending on qualifications some students will be required to take the Accuplacer placement test ( Once accepted to Vincennes University, MIP partners will review your application and determine which applicants meet the rigorous background requirements. Next, a MIP Partner will interview candidates and select students for the upcoming class. (**We are now accepting applications for the Fall 2024. For information regarding the application process, please call 812-888-4812)

During the typical school year, MIP students will attend Vincennes University four days a week (Monday-Thursday). During the four days, MIP students take Precision Machining courses as well as regular general education courses. Students must maintain at least a "C" or higher in all classes.  Student success both in the class room and at the work place will be closely monitored. 

MIP students can intern on Friday, Saturday, and /or Sunday. The goal is to allow the student approxmately 16 hours a week of real world experience as a machinist. Actual hours for interning will vary by company. The company and the student will work closely to define those terms prior to starting the internship.

This hands-on approach of applying classroom knowledge immediately to on-the-job is one of the few programs where students learn while the earn valuable real world experience and compensation.

Time Frame: Once accepted into MIP, students experience hands-on learning, attend VU courses, and real work experience for four semesters. MIP interns could work as much as 40 hours during summer break.  Some partners offer paid summer employment prior to starting VU classes. The entire program lasts two school years or four semesters. Example: students starting Fall 2024 are expected to graduate May 2026. You may view the REQUIRED COURSES*Note, the sequence of courses may vary.

Students are responsible for the cost of tuition, lab, and fees at Vincennes University. Additionally, students must purchase a tool kit which offers professional quality tools that will be used during the program as well as in his/her career.  Students maintain ownership of the tools. (Please check the VU website for current tuition rates and fees). Over the two years, students can earn as much as $20,000 in wages which can be used toward the student’s education expenses. There are also potential grants and financial aid.

About the Partnership
Vincennes University is currently working with major manufactures who serve as internship partners.  Some students enter the MIP wanting to partner with a company located near his/her hometown. Please list the name of the company which you desire to internship on your MIP application. The goal is to the meet the skilled worker needs of Indiana companies and manufactures. Current companies involved in the MIP Partnership include:  HMC Gears, Miller Machine, Stellar Technologies, Danville Metal, Logan Stampings, North America Lighting, and Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana.

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Under the guidance of highly experienced administrators, faculty and staff members, Vincennes University students have the opportunity to pursue or advance careers in a number of industry-specific areas of expertise such as: teaching, healthcare, computer programming, journalism, nursing, aviation, advanced manufacturing and technology. Through partnerships, VU graduates can continue their education toward a Bachelor’s degree at Purdue. 


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Founded in 1921, HMC Gears has been family owned for the last 5 generations. Located in Princeton, IN, we manufacture some of the largest gears in the world! As a custom and unique job shop, our typical workday is a new experience nearly every single day. We set ourselves apart from our competitors by implementing the latest technology, hiring top-of-the-line employees, and focusing on extreme precision and quality in our product. This is the HMC Difference.


Founded in 1869 in West Lafayette, Indiana, the university proudly serves its state as well as the nation and the world. Academically, Purdue’s role as a major research institution is supported by top-ranking disciplines in pharmacy, business, engineering, and agriculture. VU advanced manufacturing students can receive a four year degree from Purdue without leaving the Vincennes University campus. AIM students can transfer into Purdue's Engineering Technology program.