The VU ATTENDANCE POLICY is based on the premise that students will attend all sessions of the classes in which they are enrolled, which supports VU’s philosophy that students benefit the most from the educational process through proper and adequate class attendance.  When a student misses classes the responsibility to provide verification (evidence of the reason) for the absence falls directly and solely on the student. 

Students may contact one of the following areas for abscence verification:

  1. The Dean of Students Office (Beckes Student Union, Room 201) - For illness treated by an off-campus physician, a court appearance, a death in the family, among other possible situations.  When possible, provide verification (evidence of the reason) for the absence.
  2. The Primary Care Center (Zella Young Hall 1023 NORTH 4TH STREET, VINCENNES, INDIANA) - When you are seen for an illness by a University Health Service staff member, the staff will provide verification of illness.
  3. The Office of Diverse Abilities & Accommodations (Learning Resource Center, Room 135) -  When an absence is applicable to the student’s disability, the Director will assist the student in confirming there is relevant documentation on file with the University.  

Students should not confuse an absence verification with an excused absence.  The areas above provide assistance in verifying an absence while excusing an absence rests solely with the faculty member. It is very important to always communicate with professors whenever you are absent from classes and to make-up your missed coursework. In order to make-up missed coursework you may complete a REQUEST FOR MAKE-UP PRIVILEGE.  As with absences, the decision to approve late assignments is made by the faculty member.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please also review the EMERGENCY ATTENDANCE POLICY MODIFICATION.  

Absence Notification
The staff in the Dean of Students Office will assist students in notifying professors if they experience an emergency and must be away from campus for an extended period of time.  This notification should not be confused with an excuse and it will still be necessary for students to provide documentation for the absence to their professors when they return.  This service merely allows students to call one office and we can notify all professors so they may leave immediately.  In case of an emergency, we will also help a family reach a student in class.

Withdrawal for Nonattendance and Appeal Process
Students who miss the equivalent of two (2) weeks of class instruction are eligible for administrative withdrawal from the class.  If you are withdrawn due to nonattendance, you may appeal for reinstatement in the course through the DROP APPEAL PROCESS. If your absences are related to a disability, the Director of Diverse Abilities & Accommodations will assist you with this process upon request.



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