Dr. Teresa Tarbuck, PhD

Chemistry; Spectroscopy; Forensics

ttarbuck@vinu.edu , 812-888-4526

Teresa Tarbuck has a broad background in research including: developing and characterizing catalysts that remove sulfur from petroleum feed stocks, characterizing the surface structure of various polymers with and without humidity, and characterizing gas/water interfaces in the presence of environmentally relevant gases, organic molecules, and salts. Techniques used include gas tight systems, ultra-high vacuum, and laser spectroscopy.

She is working with others to develop an integrated set of laboratory experiments for the introduction to general chemistry course and the general chemistry sequence using some guided inquiry to help the students develop their own molecular level understanding of chemical processes. In addition, these laboratory exercises help students develop their understanding of the scientific method and their written communication skills.

Tarbuck participates in two book clubs, Program in a box, high school lab days, science Fridays, and other outreach and women in STEM activities. She serves as a scout merit badge counselor and as an officer in the local section of The American Chemical Society (ACS). She coordinates the National Chemistry Olympiad in the Wabash Valley region.