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Dr. Ali Benamar

Dr. Ali Benamar


Department of Biology




Vincennes Campus

I’m Dr. Ali Benamar, a biology professor teaching anatomy and physiology at Vincennes University. Born and raised in Algeria, I am fluent in French and Arabic. After completing a B.S. in Life Science in Tlemcen, Algeria, I continued on to medical school and obtained a medical degree. I was accepted into the residency program at the university hospital in Tlemcen. Once I completed my residency requirement, I accepted a job as a university physician and worked there until I moved to the United States.  During my college years, I was a member of the red cross and organized several blood drives. I was also a member of the Tlemcen University soccer team, and was able to travel around Algeria competing. 

When I'm Not Teaching

I’m still a soccer fan today and love to travel. I have several family members in France, which is one of my favorite vacation spots. I currently reside in Indiana, with my wife and children since 2004.