External Relations

Template Files

The files are promotional templates for faculty, students, and staff to download, easily customize, and send to university printing where applicable. This process is intended for a fast turnaround while ensuring the VU branding is kept intact and information is displayed consistently.


  1. Download template file
  2. Open file in PowerPoint
  3. Customize the text/images where desired
  4. Export as PDF (File > Export > PDF)
  5. Print the PDF or Send the PDF file to University Printing with instructions

Expert Directory

Our Expert Directory provides a searchable database for any media entity seeking an expert in a given field. We provide information and contact methods for qualified professionals who have volunteered to be included in this database.

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Logo Files

The Vincennes University (VU) logos are provided for the use of the VU community and university related efforts and sponsorships. Users of the logos are directed to adhere to the VU.Print.Identity.Manual standards. The end use of the VU logo will determine the best logo format for the project. Please see the information provided below.

Horizontal VU Logo

Vertical VU Logo

Jasper VU Logo

Jasper VU Centered Logo

Early College Logo

Aviation Tech Center Logo

American Sign Language & Deaf Studies Logo

  • Blue and Gold SVG

Virtual Backgrounds

The Vincennes University (VU) virtual backgrounds are provided for the use of the VU community for any individuals in need of a background during virtual calls.

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Office of External Relations


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