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Jeff Hume


Jeff Hume






Vincennes Campus


Chef Jeff Hume brings thirty plus years of training and knowledge of culinary arts and foodservice to the Hospitality Department.  He is a graduate of Vincennes University, holding degrees in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management. Always willing to share with his students, he strives to make each year’s students a little wiser about what we eat.

His ambitions towards American regional cuisine abound in meals he serves the community in the spring semester each year.  Jeff strives to bring international cuisine and cooking techniques to his students from his travels of the world. He served as a line cook in a French hotel during his internship in Deauville, France.  Being well versed in Spanish fare and Chinese cuisine from his many trips, has brought many exciting meals to Vincennes University, as well.

When I'm Not Teaching


Jeff has always been a local, except when on extended stays in foreign countries.  He resides locally with his wife Lori and is the father of 3. His hobbies include fishing for the “Big One” wherever his journeys take him, and participating in cooking classes worldwide.

One of Jeff’s interests is that he is also a licensed auctioneer and owns his own business.  He is at ease when talking fast, and selling through the auction method.