Placement Testing

Placement Testing

Students must meet all applicable placement scores and prerequisite requirements established for enrollment in each Project EXCEL dual credit course. Students must have on record with their high school any required qualifying PSAT, SAT, ACT, and/or Accuplacer scores verifying their academic eligibility for the course(s) in which they plan to enroll, prior to the beginning of the semester in which the course is offered. Please refer to the PROJECT EXCEL COURSE LISTING AND PLACEMENT CHART for specific course prerequisites and minimum placement scores. Scores from multiple placement tests may be used to qualify a student. For example, an eligible SAT writing score may be used in conjunction with an eligible Accuplacer reading score to qualify a student to enroll in a course.

For Foreign Language placement test information, please see the bottom of this page.

A.  Math Placement Scores

Students must take the VU Accuplacer online placement exam for MATH 104 (if they do not have credit for MATH 102) and MATH 118. Students may utilize qualifying ACT, SAT, or Accuplacer EA scores for all other Project EXCEL courses requiring a Math placement score.

B.  Accuplacer

The Accuplacer online placement exam may be utilized for students who have not taken the PSAT, SAT or ACT, or whose scores on these tests do not meet the minimum required scores. To receive approval and instructions on administering the Accuplacer at your school, please contact David Sanders, Director of VU’s Testing Center, at DSANDERS@VINU.EDU or 812-888-5404.

Accuplacer Scores from Another Institution

Project EXCEL will accept qualifying Accuplacer placement scores from another institution, with the following stipulations:

  • A copy of the full testing report (not just the scores) is kept on file at the school should individual student scores require verification;

  • Qualifying scores refer to the minimum scores required as outlined in the Project EXCEL Course Listing and Placement Chart, not qualifying or college-ready scores as determined by another institution;

  • The retest guidelines follow the same criteria as stipulated for Project EXCEL students using Accuplacer testing scores administered through VU. 

Accuplacer Proctoring Requirements

Due to Accuplacer licensing requirements, a Proctor Profile must be completed for each person at the school that will be administering the Accuplacer test. The test administration responsibilities cannot be delegated to another individual. It is the responsibility of the school and proctor to provide a proper testing environment that will facilitate student completion and success. The environment should be free of noise and distraction and allow the student plenty of time to complete the test(s).

Advance Notice to Students for Accuplacer Testing

We strongly encourage our partner schools to give students a minimum of one week notice before administering any Accuplacer test for which resulting scores may be used to meet eligibility requirements for VU Project EXCEL dual credit courses. We also encourage schools to notify students that they may access ACCUPLACER PRACTICE TEST SITES through VU’s Testing Center website. These best practices will allow preparation time that may increase student scores.

Accuplacer Computer/Lab Equipment

Use of personal computers for Accuplacer testing, such as individual laptops issued to students, is prohibited per the Accuplacer License agreement. The Accuplacer test must be administered in a secure testing environment, such as a computer lab, using desktop or “permanent” computers (i.e. devices that are not routinely removed from the testing area). Allowing students to use personal or student issued laptops invites compromise of proctor login/passwords, possibilities of screen captures of content, unauthorized use of websites, calculators, etc. Violation of this policy could jeopardize the Accuplacer licensing and use of the program for the entire institution (VU) and all VU partner school locations. Students must test in an existing computer lab under the direct supervision of an authorized and approved VU Accuplacer test proctor(s). 

Accuplacer Retest

In accordance with VU’s Dual Credit Accuplacer Placement Retesting Policy, students will automatically be permitted to take up to TWO test sessions on the VU Accuplacer, in the calendar year prior to starting VU Project EXCEL courses. Test sessions can be completed at any VU campus or approved site (including approved high schools/career centers), subject to the following conditions:   

1. Retests cannot be taken within 14 days of the last Accuplacer test date, regardless of the testing site.

2. Test-takers may retest on all or part of the Accuplacer (retests for more than one test do not have to occur during the same testing session - i.e. reading and math retests may be taken on different dates as long as the applicable 14-day rule is applied).

3. Retests must be completed and scores reported to Project EXCEL prior to the applicable student registration deadline. No retests for placement will be given after the registration deadline and the student is in the learning track.

4. A conditional second retest may be permitted only after the test-taker has completed a course of study in a related area that would likely increase the student’s skill set.

*Tests taken at an approved non-VU testing site will require contact with the Vincennes University Assessment Center so that staff can assist in arranging accommodations at the remote testing site.

Any incidence of unauthorized retesting BEFORE THE 14 DAY PERIOD will be handled as follows: The exam index numbers and administration dates/times will be compared to determine the FIRST test administration for the student. Only the FIRST testing experience will be considered valid. Subsequent test sessions for the same skill section will be considered invalid and will not be considered for course placement or eligibility.

Accommodations for Students with Diverse Abilities

Dual Credit students, with documented needs, who choose to request accommodations for testing, including testing at approved off-campus or high school testing sites*, must register through VU'S OFFICE OF DIVERSE ABILITIES AND ACCOMMODATIONS prior to testing. Once reasonable and appropriate accommodations have been identified, all accommodations will be shared with the Assessment Center staff. 

If a student has a disability that requires special accommodations, they may be approved for testing with their own computer if authorized by VU'S OFFICE OF DIVERSE ABILITIES AND ACCOMMODATIONS. For example, a student that is legally blind may be authorized to use their own computer if it is equipped with a special large display, Zoom Text program, Braille keyboard, tactile feedback, etc.  However, the test must still be administered under the supervision of an approved test proctor and very carefully monitored to ensure the protection of the testing protocol and test content.  Post-test, ALL internet browser history, cookies, etc. must be deleted by the proctor, and the device reverted to its "pre-test" configuration.

Student Assistance during Accuplacer Testing

No assistance can be given to any student who is testing with regard to the content of the Accuplacer test. No de-briefing of the test by the proctor or instructor is permitted. The Accuplacer test has built-in accommodations for unlimited time, and for calculator use within the test on mathematics problems that allow such use. No other test accommodations (readers/scribes, unauthorized calculators, etc.) are permitted unless approved in advance by VU'S OFFICE OF DIVERSE ABILITIES AND ACCOMMODATIONS.

Accuplacer Practice Sites

Students are encouraged to visit VU’s TESTING CENTER WEBSITE for additional resources and PRACTICE TEST SITES prior to taking the Accuplacer placement test.

C. Foreign Language

Students interested in taking SPAN 201, FREN 201, and GRMN 201 must meet course prerequisite requirements or participate in VU’s foreign language advanced placement departmental testing. PSAT, ACT, SAT and Accuplacer scores are NOT required, nor accepted for enrollment in VU foreign language courses.

The foreign language instructor or a designated test administrator from your school should contact Steve Gregory, VU Foreign Language Department Chairperson, to receive instructions on administering advanced placement testing for foreign language courses. Mr. Gregory may be reached at 812-888-5406 or SGREGORY@VINU.EDU.

Foreign Language Retest

For students who are attempting to place directly into one of VU’s 201 courses in French, German, or Spanish, instructors should administer the foreign language placement exam no later than April 15 of each year. 

If a student does not pass the exam, instructors should wait at least 30 days before administering the exam again to the student. The April 15 time frame gives the school a small window of time to administer the test again 30 days later (in May) before school is out for the year. Email Steve Gregory, Modern Foreign Languages Department Chair, with the names of students who need to retake the exam. Prof. Gregory will reset exams for each student who needs to retest.

If a student does not reach the cut off score the second time, we will allow the student one more opportunity at the start of classes the following academic year. The third administration of the placement exam must occur at least two months after the second attempt. This should occur within the first two weeks of class - sometime in late July or early August, depending on when the school starts back to school. Again, instructors need to email Prof. Gregory to ask that exams be reset. Giving the student a third opportunity to reach the desired score allows the student time over the summer to complete a plan of study that would likely increase his/her skill set and review for the exam.

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