Academic Accommodations

Academic Accommodations

Getting Started

In the college setting, it is the student's responsibility to initiate and follow through with the accommodation process.  However, staff in the Diverse Abilities and Accommodations office at Vincennes University is happy to help all qualified students with diverse abilities obtain reasonable accommodations from their professors. It is recommended that all University supports and academic resources be identified and arranged before students with diverse abilities begin their firs semester of classes. Interested students are asked to complete registration in the office of Diverse Abilities and Accommodations as soon as possible, which includes providing professional documentation/evidence of a disability and the need for specific accommodations. It is important to note that qualification for accommodations is not automatic in college for students who may have qualified for accommodations in high school. 

Students may contact the office of Diverse Abilities and Accommodations directly to complete the registration process for accommodations. Students will be asked to fill out a Student Questionnaire & Request for Academic Accommodations to assist staff in determining appropriate accommodations for their individual situations.  


Appropriate documentation supporting requests for accommodations must be received in the office of Diverse Abilities and Accommodations before we are able to endorse your eligibility for specific academic accommodations. Please review the Documentation Requirements information sheet, which describes the information we need in your documentation.  By taking this information sheet to your licensed professional or specialist, he/she can better include the necessary information in either a Diagnostic Narrative (letter) or a Diagnostic Test Report.  Please note; an Individual Education Plan (IEP) may or may not be considered adequate documentation), for determining college-level accommodations.  However, you may choose to submit your most recent school plan, in addition to your professional documentation, in order to help us understand your history of accommodation use and better determine appropriate accommodations for your situation. 

These documentation requirements are the same for high school students who choose to participate in one of Vincennes University’s Early College or Dual Credit programs. Because you are registering to take classes to earn college-level credits with Vincennes University, you will be provided with college-level accommodations as opposed to high school accommodations.  Please see the “Early College/Dual Credit” section at the end of this publication for more information.

Your accommodations will be individually approved based on how your diverse ability affects you in the academic environment; therefore, the documentation you submit must specify your symptoms and functional limitations, which in turn will help us reasonably determine appropriate accommodations for your classes. If your documentation does not provide the information we need to make accommodation decisions, you may be asked to submit additional or updated documentation for review and consideration.  Generally, we do not ask that diagnostic testing be completed within a specified period, unless your testing is not a complete or comprehensive testing.  We are more concerned about the quality of the information your testing provides, than we are with the age of your testing.  Please contact office of Diverse Abilities and Accommodations for assistance in determining whether or not your documentation needs to be updated, or if we request additional information. 

Accommodation Evaluation

The Director of Diverse Abilities and Accommodations interviews students, reviews the documentation provided, consults with appropriate faculty/staff as needed, and determines if specific accommodation requests are reasonable and appropriate. Additional documentation may be requested if the diverse ability or need for specific accommodations is not clearly established by the documentation provided. Regular appointments with the director throughout the semester are not required, however, it is imperative you notify the director if you have a problem situation, you feel your accommodations are not effective, and especially if you do not receive your approved accommodations. 

Accommodation Letter

When the need for specific accommodations for a diverse ability has been established, the Director of Diverse Abilities and Accommodations provides letters that list the approved accommodations  for the student to provide to each of their instructors. 

Acceptance of Accommodations

 An Acceptance of Accommodations form should be filled out to activate your use of accommodations once your eligibility for specific accommodations has been verified. You will need to fill out a new Acceptance of Accommodations  form each semester so we know we have your permission to work with your professors, should they contact us.  

If you choose to receive accommodations in your classes, you are expected to self-identify as a student with a diverse ability and establish a working relationship with each of your professors so they have the opportunity to provide appropriate classroom accommodations. An accommodation letter, which lists your approved accommodations, will be provided to you to assist you in notifying your professors about your need for accommodations. Students must present their accommodation letter to each professor in order for professors to know they qualify for accommodations.  


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