Credit for Prior Learning
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Get Credit For what you already know

Get credit for skills from military experience

Do you have a skill from military service that can be applied to a degree program? Vincennes University will help you get credit for it!

Get credit for professional certifications

Have a certificate or certification that is just sitting on your desk? Vincennes University will help you get recognition and validation.

A VARIETY OF CREDITS accepted—exams, portfolios, work experience, training & certification

Vincennes University accepts a variety of credits-by-examination including AP exams, CLEP exams, DSST exams, and more! You can also use portfolios, work experience and certifications as evidence of prior learning.

Credit for Prior Learning

We're proud to offer several ways to get credit for prior learning, so you can earn a degree while balancing your life and career.

course equivalencies

These course equivalencies should serve as a guide for students interested in transferring to Vincennes University

Fees and Associated Costs

Educational Testing Service Fees

All articulated credit, certification credit, apprenticeship credit, portfolio credit, internship credit will be charged $25.00 per credit hour.

Military Fees

Vincennes University does not have any fees associated with awarding credit for military experience.

The process is simple and straightforward

How To Begin

  1. Contact us using the form below.
    • We'll evaluate your background and cerifications to determine what credits you can earn and how many.
    • We'll set up or evaluate your scores from AP, Cambridge, CLEP, DSST, and other departmental challenge exams.
  2. We then work with the school of your choice to award the appropriate credit.

Earn credit from work and life experience

Don't let your work and life experience go to waste! Vincennes University will help you transform your employment history into academic credit that may be transferred towards a degree or certificate. You're not just working for money—you're working towards your dreams!

Take the easiest route to a degree

With an industry-leading success rate, our experts will guide and mentor you every step of the way.

Contact us today to get started.


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