Modern Foreign Language Placement Testing

Modern Foreign Language Placement Testing

New students enrolling in Modern Foreign Language courses usually must take a placement test to determine what level they can enroll in upon entering the University. In addition, you may also be granted credit for coursework based upon your placement, so it is important that you take the test seriously and try to do your best.

In order to take the "MFL" placement test, you must be registered in the VU BlackBoard web system. You will need a login name and password in order to test on BlackBoard. You may take your test in the Assessment Center in the VU library, room 130.

Prior to testing, however, you should contact the department chair of the Modern Foreign Language department, Mr. Steven Gregory, at the following office: Shircliff Humanities Center, 812-888-5406 or

Mr. Gregory will give you additional course and placement information and instructions about how to obtain your BlackBoard login name, password, and make arrangements to test in the Assessment Center.

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