Report a Crime

Report a Crime

Crime Report Procedures

All members of the college community are encouraged to report actual and suspected criminal behavior or other emergencies that occur on campus to the Vincennes University Police Department. On campus, telephone number 5555; dialing from off campus, 888-5555. The report will be fully investigated by the Department.

Vincennes University has always advocated prompt and accurate reporting of all crimes that occur on campus. Every report of a criminal incident is recorded on a University Police Incident Report and assigned a sequential number for that reporting period.

In all cases of criminal activity, the complainant is encouraged and assisted by the University Police Department to report the incident to the proper law enforcement authorities.

Reporting a Suspicious Person on Campus
If you see a suspicious person on campus or believe that a crime has been committed, notify the Vincennes University Police Department immediately. Give full details, such as physical description, clothing, car make, model, license plate number, etc. Your cooperation is essential in a successful investigation, apprehension and recovering of property.

Bystander Intervention
Most of us have been in a situation where we could have intervened in a problematic situation but didn't, then later had regrets and thought "If only I had done something, said something, somehow taken some action." You can take steps to prevent yourself from having those regrets if you follow the Bystander Intervention tips and advice.

Crime Awareness
It is an unfortunate fact that criminal incidents of all types occur on college campuses. Many campuses around the country investigate and make public the nature of crimes, the quantity of crimes and how they are investigated. Vincennes University subscribes to that approach and further believes that the public should know how active the University Police are in crime prevention and detection.

Weapons Policy
The possession or use of any type of weapon on University property or in University facilities by students, faculty, staff and/or visitors is strictly forbidden. Only those individuals authorized by the University are permitted to carry weapons.

Details of the policy are printed and distributed annually in the Student Handbook.

Campus Security Act
The Student Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act was signed into law (Public Law 101-542) in November of 1990. This law requires colleges and universities to compile crime statistics (beginning with the 1991-92 school year) and to make annual reports of crime statistics and all policies and procedures to current and prospective students, employees, and inquiring public.

Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Stalking and Other Policies

Sexual Assault Services and Resources

Student Bill of Rights