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The Humanities Film and Lecture Series at Vincennes University seeks to promote student and public interest in the humanizing aspects of our shared culture in order to understand ourselves as members of diverse communities, citizens of one nation, and inhabitants of one planet.  Public lectures and films may address enduring or emerging questions central to the arts and humanities, or questions arising from other disciplines to which the arts and humanities might speak. Events in the series may be co-sponsored with particular programs or departments within the college, or with other colleges, and with community organizations.


The College of Humanities supports its individual departments and broad humanitarian inquiry in order to help students, faculty, and the general public to: 

  • Appreciate various points of view on political, social, religious and philosophical issues
  • Understand the role of the humanities in an increasingly technological and global society
  • Promote engaged citizenship and democratic participation
  • Foster interdisciplinary academic collaboration and discussion
  • Showcase the work of faculty, students, and local scholars
  • Host innovative thinkers and artists


Hoosiers, Hollywood and Humor


Discussion Dr. Kevin Gannon


The Last Laugh


Art and Social Change


Protest in America


Video Broadcast of Hoosiers and the Places They Reside


Video Broadcast of The Power of Black Stories



Video Broadcast of Art, Hope and Covid-19



Video Broadcast of Back on Track Knox County


Committee Member Contact Information:

Humanities Division Telephone Number: 812.888.4480




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