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Event Information

Preparing for National Portfolio Day at Vincennes University

2018 National Portfolio Day!

Vincennes University, Center for Art and Design

Sunday, September 30, 2018, 12 pm to 4 pm EDT

Art and Design Department tours, 11 am to 12 pm EDT

Start Here
You can sign in at the National Portfolio Day event or sign in early online. National Portfolio Day is free and open to the public. High school students, teachers, guidance counselors, and parents are all encouraged to attend. Admissions and faculty representatives will review your art and design portfolio and answer questions about their art and design programs.

Reviews of portfolios are not allowed to begin before the official starting time of the portfolio day. So get there early as that will allow you more time to see more schools. Remember, it may get crowded because those hundred or more students usually have parents and/or teachers with them for assistance and support (or help them carry extra large and numerous works or to hold their place in a review line).

Number of Works: We suggest bringing between ten and fifteen pieces. This allows reviewers to give ample time to each piece. It also allows students to hear and compare responses to a smaller selection of their highest quality work. Bring in other strong supporting works, including sketchbooks, which students can always decide to show once the reviewer has finished with the primary selection(s) as time allows.

Type of Work: Quality and variety, in that order, are two important criteria in selecting work to include in your portfolio. Always put your best foot forward. Your most recent or best works should be represented. Reviewers often request work from observation, (drawings, paintings, sculptures, etc. done from observation). If the work is too large or is unavailable to bring, take photographs of them instead.

Your Ideas
Along with visual examples you bring, be ready to share your ideas verbally. Form, or how the work looks in terms of design elements and principles, is important to understand and communicate. Also be prepared to discuss content, or meaning in the work. Form and content work together to strengthen and convey your ideas in art. Impress the reviewers with what you think, feel, and know.

Other Preparations
Make sure the work is as easy to view as possible. Your artwork should be treated with care and respect. Prepare questions in advance regarding different art programs. Even write them down and copy them to write reviewer's responses. This way, you can compare a variety of schools regarding the same subjects and issues. Be sure to collect brochures and informational materials. This is your chance to gather a lot of resource material so you may even want to bring a backpack or shopping bag to store it in as you go.

Ask Questions
Find out which schools will be there and pick up a guide to where different schools are located at the entrance to the Portfolio Day event. Practice presenting your work to as many schools as possible. Sometimes there are schools and programs that you haven't considered that could be just the right fit for you. Be adventurous and check them out!

Just Do It
If your busy schedule hasn't allowed you to do any of the above advanced preparations, GO ANYWAY! Even if you don't have artwork to bring, National Portfolio Day is the best opportunity to gather information about higher education art and design programs. School representatives are happy to answer questions and give out program information and opportunities. You will get a sense of what the faculty and staff are like at schools you are considering. This can be a big deciding factor in college choice and can sometimes be difficult to obtain over the phone or online.

See You There!
Vincennes University and schools from all over the country are looking forward to meeting you at National Portfolio Day in Vincennes, Indiana on Sunday, September 30, 2018 from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Vincennes University Art and Design department tours are available after the event from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm.

If you have any questions, please contact Ron Wise, Chair of Art and Design at