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Read what our graduates say: "VU gave me a very good transition into learning how to study and how hard college would be, and I fear had I gone straight into Rose-Hulman as a freshman I wouldn’t have made it.  I opted to get my 2-year degree here at Vincennes University in Pre-Engineering, and I had that safety that if something happened I still got that 2-year degree.  And when I went to Rose-Hulman, all of my credits transferred no problem.  So, Vincennes University was a great tool for my future and my education.  I am now 20+ years into a software engineering career.  I’ve worked for large Fortune 500 Companies like Motorola and Eli Lilly.  I’ve also owned my own company and I have helped some non-profits and a whole lot of STEM education and Women in STEM Boards along the way." -Tiffany Trusty 1995 VU Alumni 

Vincennes University is an excellent place to take your first two years of engineering. The curriculum has been designed to ensure successful transfer to four-year institutions. One of the major reasons to attend VU is to take advantage of the small-size classes, taught by skilled and dedicated teachers, whose primary responsibility is teaching - not research.

Many gifted high school students do not succeed in classes at large institutions, where enrollment may reach several hundred. Most of the classes at Vincennes University have enrollments of somewhere between 20 and 30 students. This allows you to receive an education in a more individual learning environment.

The quality of the laboratory equipment at Vincennes University often exceeds that used by freshman and sophomores at the four-year institutions. The exceptional hands-on experience gained in VU's labs prepares you for a successful career.

Majors in the department of engineering include engineering science, agricultural and biological engineering, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, food process engineering, mathematics, mechanical engineering, and physics.  These majors are available on the Vincennes campus.

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For more information, please contact Professor Jubin Chen: or at 812.888.4197.