understanding your bill

understanding your bill


Total Current Term Charges - The accumulation of tuition, fees, room and board. This appears in the lower right corner of the statement.

Total Current Term Credits - The accumulation of payments or financial aid that has been posted to the student's account. This appears in the lower right corner of the statement below total current term charges.

Previous Balance - Remaining balance from previous semesters.

Current Term Balance - Calculated by adding any previous balance and subtracting any current term credits from the total of current term charges.

Amount Due - Calculated by subtracting the estimated financial aid award(s), if applicable, from the account balance. This appears beneath the current term balance. Note: If verification was required or if Vincennes University has not received the student's FAFSA, financial aid eligibility may not be reflected in this statement.

Credit (No Payment Due) - If the total estimated aid is equal to or greater than the account balance, the amount due will be "0".

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