Fire Science and Safety Technology Department

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  • Gain the skills needed to safeguard your community while safely and effectively extinguishing fires and responding to other emergencies.
  • Median pay for firefighters is more than $50,000 and many municipalities offer excellent benefits.
  • Growth in firefighter jobs is projected at 4% through 2031. As many as 33% of firefighters are approaching or are currently eligible for retirement. Newly trained professionals will have excellent employment and career growth opportunities.
source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Degree Tracks

Students can earn an associate degree in Fire Science and Technology, which prepares them to serve as a professional firefighter. Students learn firefighting strategies and tactics, safety techniques, how to handle hoses and ladders, search and rescue skills, incident command, fire service management, and fire suppression and alarm systems.
Students also can earn a certification in Fire Science and Technology.

What can I expect during my time at VU?

  • Fighting fires and responding to other public emergencies can hold significant risk, but at VU you will learn the strategies and tactics needed to protect yourself and others while saving lives and helping to avert disaster.
  • The University’s instructors are true experts in their fields and readily available to help students gain the academic and practical skills they need to excel.
  • The University offers substantial academic and social support systems to help students learn and grow.
  • Small class sizes enable students to participate fully in activities and discussions and to seek out extra help when needed.
  • Affordable tuition allows students to graduate with less debt.

What can I do with this degree?

A degree from Vincennes University’s Fire Science and Safety Department will prepare you for a lifelong career as a professional firefighter.

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