Brian Igel

Assistant Professor



Information Technology




Vincennes Campus

Brian D. Igel, is an Assistant Professor of Information Technology at Vincennes University with a focus in computer science and programming.  Brian joined the Information Technology Department in 2017.  He brings 6 years of work experience as a Computer Programmer/Analyst with an expertise in Linux and Linux administration into the classroom. Brian helps students understand the importance of recognizing code repetition and eliminating it by programming code that allows code to work for itself.  He also believes a task should never be done more than twice; one time to complete it, and another to automate it. Brian has an Associate degree in Sociology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. In 2019 Brian will begin pursuing a Masters Degree in Data Analytics. 

When I'm Not Teaching

He enjoys reading and studying history. Topics such as: the history of aerial combat, specifically 1914 to 1945; Greek mythology; the Peasant's Revolt, or Wat Tyler's Rebellion; the American Revolution; and much more. With so much that is interesting in the world, he believes we need to automate the boring stuff and spend more time exploring.

Brian serves as faculty sponsor for the Cyber Crime Investigators, and the Campus Gaming Club.