Cassidy Strange

Instructor and Program Coordinator

Cassidy Strange


Product Design and Production Processes




Vincennes Campus

Cassidy Strange brings an uncommon perspective to VU’s Product Design program. After graduating from the program in 2016, Cassidy began teaching in Product Design a few months later. She vividly remembers her experiences as a student in the program and uses her unique situation to better relate to her students and improve her teaching and advising. Her favorite aspects of her job are teaching courses heavily dependent on problem-solving skills, such as computer-aided design and descriptive geometry, and helping students achieve their goals in any way she can. She encourages students to come to her with questions related and unrelated to the subjects she teaches, and she is always ready to celebrate their successes.

Advises: Product Design and Production Processes

When I'm Not Teaching

Cassidy first discovered her love of teaching as a teenager when she became an instructor in the Traditional Martial Arts Association, where she holds a second-degree black belt in TaeKwonDo. She loves to travel and has already visited several countries on her bucket list, including Ireland, Italy, Japan, and Iceland (where she is pictured with two trolls). When she isn’t at school, she can be found at home working on her crazy cat lady persona with her four cats and two ferrets. She is an avid collector of more books, music, video games, and hobbies than she has time to enjoy, but in spite of this she still prioritizes sleeping late on weekends.